Alumni Association

The alumni association of the college has shown keen interest in the overall development of the institution. Annual General meeting is held every year and executive committee meetings are also held regularly to review and plan the activities of the association.

The objectives of our Alumni :-
Networking: Alumni often seek to connect with fellow graduates for personal and professional networking opportunities. This can involve mentorship, job referrals, or collaboration on projects.
Supporting Current Students: Alumni may want to give back to their alma mater by providing support to current students through scholarships, internships, or career advice.
Promoting the Institution: Alumni often serve as ambassadors for their college or university, promoting its reputation and achievements within their own communities and professional networks.
Lifelong Learning: Many alumni seek opportunities for continued education and personal development through alumni events, workshops, and educational programs offered by the institution.
Social Engagement: Alumni may organize social events and activities to foster a sense of community among graduates and maintain connections with their alma mater.
Fundraising: Alumni often play a key role in fundraising efforts to support the institution's programs, facilities, and initiatives.
Career Development: Alumni associations may offer career services such as job fairs, resume workshops, and alumni job boards to help graduates advance in their careers.
Celebrating Achievements: Alumni may come together to celebrate the achievements and milestones of both the institution and individual graduates, fostering a sense of pride and camaraderie.
Advocacy: Alumni can advocate for the interests of their alma mater, whether it's through supporting legislative initiatives, promoting diversity and inclusion efforts, or raising awareness about issues facing the institution.
Legacy Building: Alumni often strive to leave a positive legacy for future generations of students by contributing to the ongoing success and development of their alma mater.

——–*****Office Bearers for the year 2023-24 *****——–
Director- Mr.Paul Menezes
President- Mr. Wilson Rupesh Moras
Secretary- Mrs. Rozita Sera
Vice president- Mr.Md. Hussain and Mr. Arvind Moras
Joint- secretary- Ms. Jeeva VC
Treasurer- Mr. Ajay J Shetty
Execuitive members- Mr. Francis V. V., Mr. Maxim Albuquerque, Mr.Rajshekar Shetty, Mr.Ashok, Mr. Ronson Veigas, Mr. Avil D'Souza, Mr. Denis Fernandes, Mr. Robin Joseph Sera, Mr.Vijith Vincent Pinto, Ms Masuma Sheik, Mr. Alwyn K G, Ms Rashmitha Moras, Mrs. Bhagyashree.